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Creating Dimension with Light and Creative Posing

How I Use Hot Lights to Make Intimate Portraits

A great understanding of how to create dimension with light will free you to focus on capturing the perfect pose, expression, and moment. You can push all the rules to the back of your mind and let your creativity flow.

Here's what my product will do for you:

Your photo sessions can be more natural and creative

Are you spending time during your photo sessions worrying about whether you have your lights positioned correctly? Do you ever wonder if your posing could be better? The confidence you'll gain by really learning the fundamentals will let you relax, establish a better relationship with your client, and allow you to be inspired by your inner creativity. You'll be in control, your client will feel more comfortable, and your images will be amazing. Everybody's happy!

Do you ever feel burned out by photography? Stop flashing people!

I'm talking about continuous lights, of course. I use them all the time for many types of sessions. I love the look of the lights and the intimate, interesting experience it creates for me and my clients. The creativity flows and poses naturally evolve without the interruption of the strobe flashes. It's a great new experience for your clients and you might be the only photographer in town to offer it.

Would you like to create beautiful images your clients will love?

I show you exactly how I photograph head shots, maternity, babies, couples, men, and women. I walk you through the entire process and offer guidance to master these incredibly profitable and popular photo sessions.

The biggest return on my investment has always been education

I created the type of tutorial I wish I had 15 years ago. Nobody is born with the ability to light. I had to learn from seminars, books, and by working with other photographers. I have been blessed with an amazing career and I want to share it all with you now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of images will I be able to make after watching this tutorial?

Warm and intimate creative maternity images

Soft and sculpting light for baby portraits

Perfectly posed and lit headshots

Warm and timeless portraits of mother and baby

Strong and interesting masculine images

Classic and creative portaits for couples

What skill level is this tutorial made for?

This tutorial is made for professional photographers or anyone who wants to become a professional photographer. I teach the basics thoroughly in order to free you up to focus on being creative. I also cover creative posing and show you how I interact with many different types of clients to capture beautiful images.

Do I need to own any special equipment to use these lessons?

Not at all. I demonstrate how I use hot lights (continuous lighting) to create my intimate portraits. I love the feel of the images, the experience for the client, and the creative freedom the lights give me. However, these lessons in lighting and posing absolutely apply to flash photography and even photography in natural light.

What does the tutorial include?

What if I am not happy with the tutorial?

If you don't love this tutorial, tell me in the first 90 days and I will gladly refund your money. No questions asked.

How do I get the tutorial?

You will download the tutorial videos to watch on your computer.

How much does it cost?

Achieve mastery over your lighting and posing for only $219. Much cheaper than going to a conference and you can review the material at any time!

Stop worrying about your lighting and posing. I'll teach you how to light. I'll show you how to pose and direct your clients. You'll be more relaxed and confident in your skills, letting you focus on creating beautiful images.

Instantly download for $219