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Fashion Lighting Tutorial

As photographers, we all know the importance of great lighting, but seniors today have growing expectations for their portraits. My tutorial will show you how to blow them away with fashion lighting to boost your sales.

Here's what my product will do for you:

Is your business suffering because seniors don't want the same old pictures anymore?

Seniors are bombarded with high fashion imagery in TV shows, magazines, and the pop music scene. They don't want pictures of themselves leaning against a tree or sitting on a rock! Now you can make them look and feel like a model. You can't even imagine how powerful this is for sales!

Are seniors holding back in the sales room?

Imagine how they would feel if they had an assortment of dramatic fashion model images to complement the shots your studio already takes. I joke around with clients that I am trying to make it hard for them to narrow down images. Except it isn't really a joke. Of course I want seniors to buy them all! Adding fashion images will increase your sales.

How could you get more seniors in your door and become the most in-demand photographer in town?

Give seniors what they are craving from photographers. Learning fashion lighting will give you a huge advantage in your market. Anyone with a camera can take an OK picture for the yearbook. Blow them away with fashion lighting for a look that can't be done at home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What lighting scenarios are covered?

A four-light setup for head shots and full body shots

A five-light setup for full body shots

A two-light hot light setup

A one-light setup

A continuous lighting ring light setup for head shots

A ring flash setup for head shots

What skill level is this tutorial made for?

I made this tutorial for professional photographers and very advanced amateurs. I explain any photography jargon terms and show how I position and use each light. Anyone who is ready to add high fashion lighting techniques to their bag of tricks will benefit from this tutorial.

Do I need to own a lot of studio lights to do fashion lighting?

You don't have to own a lot of lights. You can make dramatic fashion images with just one light, but some of the more advanced lighting does require more equipment. You can get started with fashion lighting slowly and build up to the four- and five-light setups. Think of it this way: once you can create unique and popular fashion images that set you apart from other photographers in your market and establish you as the professional, it will be easy to justify any extra equipment.

What does the tutorial include?

Is this lighting only good for shooting seniors?

I talk about using this lighting with seniors because that is what I do and it is perfect for that market. But I also use these lighting techniques for model shots, individual portraits, and even when I shoot children. So much of this tutorial can be applied outside of the high school senior market.

What if I am not happy with the tutorial?

If you don't love this tutorial, tell me in the first 90 days and I will gladly refund your money. No questions asked.

How do I get the tutorial?

You will download the tutorial videos to watch on your computer.

How much does it cost?

Learn all of my fashion lighting techniques and add excitement to your images and profit to your sales for only $219. Much cheaper than going to a conference!

A note from PPA president Ron Nichols

"Your ‘Fashion Lighting Tutorial’ is great whether you're newbie or an experienced pro looking for revitalization."

Instantly download for $219